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Boat Cover Telescopic Support System

Boat Cover Telescopic Support System
Boat Cover Telescopic Support System

Boat Cover Support System

Please note, this does not include the cover

The Boat Cover Support System will ideally extend the life of your boat and cover. Easily installed and adjusted, it keeps water and debris from accumulating in the
center of the cover. The kit includes one telescopic aluminium pole (50cm to 116cm) which is positioned in the center of your boat with a wide support on top and
highly resistant plastic webbing straps, which are hooked from bow to stern. The Boat Cover Support System fits all covers for boats up to 7m.

Installation Instructions
1. Position the strap center point over the bow of the boat. The
protective sleeves should be positioned so that the strap does
not come in contact with the front edges of the boat
2. Pull the straps evenly over the boat
3. Weave the straps through the triangular support piece in an
‘’under-over-under’’ pattern, so that the straps lay on top of the
4. Insert the pole into the triangular support piece and raise the
pole to its highest point. Twist the pole sections to loosen and
to tighten
5. Hook the ends of the straps on the boat trailer
6. Adjust the straps evenly, so that they are tight and the pole
stands upright
7. Carefully pull the boat cover over the straps, so as not to move
the pole. The pole may need to be adjusted further depending on
the shape and size of your boat and its cover

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