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Fuel Fittings and Caps

Brand: Nuova Rade Model: 44624
ERCOLE & SOGLIOLA Elbow Connector 90°, Pipe for Fuel Ret...
Ex Tax:€5.25
Brand: Nuova Rade Model: 43370
ERCOLE & SOGLIOLA Elbow Connector 90°, Ø50mm..
Ex Tax:€14.50
Brand: Nuova Rade Model: 43366
ERCOLE & SOGLIOLA Straight Connector 50mm..
Ex Tax:€9.95
Brand: Nuova Rade Model: 43368
ERCOLE & SOGLIOLA Straight Connector Ø38mm..
Ex Tax:€9.95
Brand: Nuova Rade Model: 45284
ERCOLE & SOGLIOLA Tank Filler Cap, Vented..
Ex Tax:€6.50
Brand: Nuova Rade Model: 45301
Filler Cap, Vented for portable fuel tanks..
Ex Tax:€6.95
Brand: Nuova Rade Model: 44631
Fuel Shut-off Valve for Hose Ø8mm..
Ex Tax:€15.99
Brand: Nuova Rade Model: 44838
Universal Bracket with holding straps for Ercole, Sogliola, Diablo tanks and liferafts..
Ex Tax:€24.50
Brand: Nuova Rade Model: 196417
Case with deck filler for fuel with lidØ38mm Hose, White..
Ex Tax:€29.95
Model: GF15294173
Chrome plated brass filler cap with 50mm diameter collar..
Ex Tax:€32.40
Model: AA40006
Made of Nylon, 6 Name Plates Included  (Diesel, Fuel, Gas, Petrol, Waste, Water), 4pcs Different Color Keys Also Included, You Can Change The Key Color Easily for Different UsageRed Key for Gas, Green Key for Diesel, Blue Key for Water, Black Key for Waste..
Ex Tax:€10.11
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