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Maintenance & Repair

Boat maintenance & repair products, marine paints, antifouling, boat cleaning & stain removal, glassfibre repair and more for sale in store and online.

For all your boating maintenance and repair needs, we have a large range of marine paints, undercoats and varnishes, boat cleaning and stain removal products, sealants and adhesive and specialist inflatable boat maintenance & repair products.

Brand: Starbrite Model: 031400SNf
USED FULL STRENGTH WILL PROVIDE -46⁰C BURST PROTECTIONFOR ENGINE WINTERIZATION:1. Make all necessary repairs to water cooling system prior to treatment.2. Follow engine manufacturers’ procedure for draining coolant. 3. Fill engine with -46⁰C Antifreeze -DO NOT DILUTE.4. When engine is put back ..
Ex Tax:€24.95
Brand: Starbrite Model: 87004
Makes permanent and emergency repairs on aluminum boats, outdrives, fuel and water tanks and other aluminum parts.Easy to use; just hand knead for 1 minute and apply to damaged area.Can be sanded, drilled and tapped..
Ex Tax:€40.50
Brand: Starbrite Model: 87104
This epoxy stick could save you and your boat! With easy to use fast and permanent repairs and easy application as it can be applied underwater. A must be for every boat wood, metal and even plastic!!...
Ex Tax:€35.70
Brand: Plastic Padding Model: 1334681
Plastic Padding Leak Fix - Seals and repairs leaks in radiators and sumps Features: Sets in minutes Resistant to petrol, diesel, oil, water, high temperatures and most common chemicals Product Base: Polyester Application: Room temperature..
Ex Tax:€5.50
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