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O'Sullivan's Marine have kayaks for sale to suit all budgets and abilities.

An expansive range of single sit on top kayaks, specialist fishing & angling kayaks, tandem and family kayaks, the Tarpon propel pedal kayak, along with sit in touring kayaks for purchase in store or online.

All our Cool kayaks are high quality at exceptional prices!


Brand: Cool Kayak Model: Tarpol propel
Tarpon Propel peddle drive fishing kayakPacked to the gills with fishing features, the Tarpon Propel 10 pedal kayak is equipped with a performance-engineered pedal drive system for hands-free fishing, accessory gear tracks, adjustable seat, hand controlled rudder and 2 flush mount rod holders.AVAILA..
Ex Tax:€1,365.00
Brand: Cool Kayak Model: flash
Small and sporty, the Flash is a recreational kayak with lots of versatility for small adults and children. Easy to paddle and extremely maneuverablePerfect design for beginners*Seat optional extraSPECIFICATIONS:Length: 260cmWidth: 70cmHeight: 27cmWeight: 19kgCapacity: 100kgSTANDARD PARTS:2 X Bow &a..
Ex Tax:€270.00
Brand: Cool Kayak Model: Mola
The perfect entry point into the world of recreational kayaking. Small and manoeuvrable, it is a great choice for small adults and children. Perfect design for beginners.*Seat optional extraSPECIFICATIONS:Length: 270cmWidth: 80cmHeight: 40cmWeight: 19kgCapacity: 140kgSTANDARD PARTS:2 X Bow & Ste..
Ex Tax:€279.00
Brand: Cool Kayak Model: Malibu
The Malibu is perfect for recreational use, with 2 flush rod holders and plenty of storage space for your belonging and gear. This kayak can take the aluminium frame seat for extra comfort.*Seat optional extraSPECIFICATIONS:Length: 275cmWidth: 78cmHeight: 40cmWeight: 19kgCapacity: 130kgSTANDARD PART..
Ex Tax:€299.00
Brand: Cool Kayak Model: Conger
The Conger is a compact single fishing kayak with plenty of storage space.* Seat optional extraSPECIFICATIONS:Length: 295cmWidth: 78cmHeight: 38cmGross Weight: 22kgCapacity: 150kgSTANDARD PARTS:2 X Bow & Stern carry handles1 x Drain Plug6 x Rubber Stoppers2 x Storage Hatch with inner bag8 x D-Sh..
Ex Tax:€319.00
Brand: Cool Kayak Model: Glide 1 + 1
The Glide 1 + 1 is a stable versatile platform that has room to bring a small passenger in front of the paddler.*Seats optional extraSPECIFICATIONS:Length: 305cmWidth: 80cmHeight: 40cmGross Weight: 23kgCapacity: 180kg1 + 1 SeatSTANDARD PARTS:4 X Molded in carry handles1 x Drain Plug8 x Rubber Stoppe..
Ex Tax:€349.00
Brand: Cool Kayak Model: Dace Pro Angler 10'
The smallest of the Pro Angler range, the Dace Pro Angler 10ft has the perfect combination of speed, stability, manoeuvrability and straight line tracking. Plenty of storage and center console.*Seat optional extraSPECIFICATIONS:Length: 310cmWidth: 76cmHeight: 38cmWeight: 23kgCapacity: 170kgSTANDARD ..
Ex Tax:€465.00
Brand: Cool Kayak Model: Oceanus 2.5
This stable family kayak is one of the most popular tandem sit on top kayaks. A great choice for 2 adults and one child.*Seats optional extraSPECIFICATIONS:Length: 370cmWidth: 86cmHeight: 40cmGross Weight: 33kgCapacity: 250kg2 + 1 SeatSTANDARD PARTS:2 X Bow & Stern carry handles1 x Drain Plug8 x..
Ex Tax:€480.00
Brand: Cool Kayak Model: Swift
The Swift touring kayak has a unique design that cuts through the water easily, giving it extraordinary acceleration. Equipped with a large seat well and two storage hatches.COLOUR YELLOW with RED BAND (Colour may vary from image)SPECIFICATIONS:Length: 330cmWidth: 67cmHeight: 40cmGross Weight: 26kgC..
Ex Tax:€499.00
Brand: Cool Kayak Model: Rodster
The Rodster fishing kayak comes complete with an aluminium seat, 2 flush rod holders and plenty of storage. Model also available with rudder system.*Includes Aluminium SeatSPECIFICATIONS:Length: 292cmWidth: 83.7cmHeight: 35.6cmGross Weight: 31kgCapacity: 170kgSTANDARD PARTS:2 X Bow & Stern carry..
Ex Tax:€499.00
Brand: Cool Kayak Model: Castor
The highly popular Castor tandem fishing kayak, very stable design, 300kg capacity and 3 storage hatches.*Seats optional extra. (Colours may vary from image)SPECIFICATIONS:Length: 378cmWidth: 84cmHeight: 43cmGross Weight: 34kgCapacity: 300kgSTANDARD PARTS:2 X Molded in Bow & Stern carry han..
Ex Tax:€515.00
Brand: Cool Kayak Model: Rodster Rudder
The Rodster fishing kayak comes complete with an aluminium seat, has a 170kg capacity and plenty of storage. This model come complete with rudder system and aluminium seat.YELLOW/WHITE/BLACK*Includes Aluminium Seat and Rudder systemSPECIFICATIONS:Length: 292cmWidth: 83.7cmHeight: 35.6cmGross Weight:..
Ex Tax:€555.00
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