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First Aid

Model: CFA1556
Coastal Kit Orange, Eurocase Mini with Bracket..
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Model: CFA1554
Inshore Kit Orange, Eurocase Mini with Bracket..
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Brand: Lalizas Model: 71245
First Aid Kit SOLAS 74Certified by the Ministry of Merchant Marine/Merchant Ships Directorate according to (a) the International Convention on the Safety of Life at Sea 1974 (SOLAS 74) and the 1983 amendments, (b) the Royal Decree 36/1967 and (c) the Presidential Decree 277/1997.ContentsAnti-Angina ..
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Brand: Lalizas Model: 70976
- First Aid Application - In case of severe cold or shock wrap the blanket around the body - Keeps the body’s temperature under very low or very high temperatures - Prevents post – accident shock - Waterproof - Its reflective surface provides high visibility - Dimensions: 2,1 x 1,16m..
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Brand: Lalizas Model: 70461
One of the most developed designs in the field of Thermal Protective Suits reflects on the Lalizas «Alusafe-T» suit. It is made of aluminum film coated fabric, so as to protect the wearer from hypothermia, which may be caused by prolonged exposure in life raft and rescue boats. The low thermal c..
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