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Deck Hardware

Brand: AAA Model: AA13527
13527: 130.2mm x 114.3mm x 54mm#100/CTN..
Ex Tax:€13.95
Brand: Nuova Rade Model: 47063
Ventilator Shaft Grill Cover, 92x92mm, White• Suitable for interior and exterior use• Salt water resistant• UV-resistant..
Ex Tax:€3.50
Brand: AAA Model: AA13530
Vent Base, I.D. Dia. 73mm..
Ex Tax:€24.50
Brand: Nuova Rade Model: 44302
Made of PA and produced to have easy installation. Available in white and cream colour.Case for Deck Filler, 145x191mm, White..
Ex Tax:€8.60
Model: 196418
Depending on the use, you can choose among Cases with Deck Filler and Lid, for water, fuel or diesel. The body of the product is made of PA and the lid is made of ASA, while incorporating a deck fillerof Ø38mm or Ø50mm.Produced to have easy installation and available in white colour...
Ex Tax:€29.50
Brand: Nuova Rade Model: 92800
Cleat Open base s/s inox 316, L 125mm..
Ex Tax:€10.95
Brand: Nuova Rade Model: 92801
Cleat Open base s/s inox 316, L 150mm..
Ex Tax:€18.50
Brand: Nuova Rade Model: 92802
Cleat Open base s/s inox 316, Length 200mm..
Ex Tax:€25.50
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