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Brand: Y-10 Model: Q003035
Y10 Fibreglass stain removerStill the original and best GRP Hull Stain Remover ! Y-10 is a stain absorbent gel, which is easy to apply, requires no rubbing and is non-abrasive so it won't damage the hull . It rapidly removes yellow/brown waterline and transom stains on white or light ..
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Brand: August Race Model: 3484153
August Race™ DECK MATE is a highly effective, non-hazardous cleaner designed to gently and safely remove dirt and salt deposits from synthetic teak decks.Simply spray directly onto the surface & using the sponge applicator provided or a soft bristle brush work into the grain, wipe clean ..
Ex Tax:€24.00
Brand: August Race Model: 3484726
August Race Fab-Restore is an environmentally friendly formulation for the quick and effective cleaning of boat sails and canvas. Safe on stitching  Capable of removing salt, water marks and general dirt from marine textiles.Easy to use - spray Fab-Restore onto the dirty canvas and using a soft..
Ex Tax:€24.00
Model: 3484733
SAIL-PROTECT Is an environmentally friendly formulation for the protection and waterproofing of boat sails, canvas and textiles. SIZE 500ML..
Ex Tax:€24.00
Brand: August Race Model: 3484061
A deep-treating fluid applied UV wax polish with unrivalled ease-of-use it restores gloss to dull surfaces and helps to protect against UV rays.Protective qualities as well as a remarkable shine.Approved by market leading gel-coat manufacturer Scott Bader and used by some of the worlds biggest boat ..
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Brand: August Race Model: 3484115
500ml AUGUST RACE SUP PROTECT is a spray-applied conditioning/protective UV treatment for inflatable or rigid paddle boards that gives lasting protection against both salt & UV damage..
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Brand: August Race Model: 3484054
 August Race Vinyl Bright is an unrivalled deep restorative treatment dramatically improving the appearance of even old dull vinyl upholstery and surfaces.Vinyl Bright is applied using a microfibre cloth and then the surface should be thoroughly rinsed using clean water. Once dry apply AR Super..
Ex Tax:€24.00
Brand: Boat Buddy Model: SAC1000
Concentrated Cleaner for Sails and Covers     (Previously Sail and Cover Cleaner)     Removes: Algae, dirt, grease, soot and most other dirt.     Effectively cleans all sails, covers and fabrics.     Highly conc..
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Brand: August Race Model: 3484047
August Race Bright Coat is a high strength fast acting de-stainer for gel coats. Capable of removing most yellowing, rust stains, water marks and mud-staining.Due to its high strength we recommend to re-polish following treatment using August Race Smooth Opacity UV Approved by market leading ge..
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Brand: Starbrite Model: 031400SNf
USED FULL STRENGTH WILL PROVIDE -46⁰C BURST PROTECTIONFOR ENGINE WINTERIZATION:1. Make all necessary repairs to water cooling system prior to treatment.2. Follow engine manufacturers’ procedure for draining coolant. 3. Fill engine with -46⁰C Antifreeze -DO NOT DILUTE.4. When engine is put back ..
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Brand: Starbrite Model: 80500
The Biodegradable formula dissolves oil, grease, sludge, and fuel and leaves bilge smelling fresh and clean. O'Sullivan's Marine have been recommending Starbrite products for years and this does work. Starbrite Bilge Cleaner is very easy to use - Just pour into the  bilge (ad..
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Brand: Starbrite Model: 080532GF
Starbrite Bilge Cleaner Heavy Duty 1000 mlBiodegradable formula dissolves oil, grease, sludge, and fuel and leaves bilge smelling fresh and clean Easy to use - Just pour in bilge (add water to bilge if necessary), run boat for approximately one hour and drain bilge. Bilge will be clean..
Ex Tax:€32.60
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