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Boat Cleaning

Brand: Y-10 Model: Q003035
Y10 Fibreglass stain removerStill the original and best GRP Hull Stain Remover ! Y-10 is a stain absorbent gel, which is easy to apply, requires no rubbing and is non-abrasive so it won't damage the hull . It rapidly removes yellow/brown waterline and transom stains on white or light ..
Ex Tax:€15.95
Brand: Boat Buddy Model: SAC1000
Concentrated Cleaner for Sails and Covers     (Previously Sail and Cover Cleaner)     Removes: Algae, dirt, grease, soot and most other dirt.     Effectively cleans all sails, covers and fabrics.     Highly conc..
Ex Tax:€20.99
Brand: Starbrite Model: 31400SN
USED FULL STRENGTH WILL PROVIDE -46⁰C BURST PROTECTIONFOR ENGINE WINTERIZATION:1. Make all necessary repairs to water cooling system prior to treatment.2. Follow engine manufacturers’ procedure for draining coolant. 3. Fill engine with -46⁰C Antifreeze -DO NOT DILUTE.4. When engine is put back ..
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Brand: Starbrite Model: 80500
The Biodegradable formula dissolves oil, grease, sludge, and fuel and leaves bilge smelling fresh and clean. O'Sullivan's Marine have been recommending Starbrite products for years and this does work. Starbrite Bilge Cleaner is very easy to use - Just pour into the  bilge (ad..
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Brand: Starbrite Model: 80532GF
Starbrite Bilge Cleaner Heavy Duty 1000 mlBiodegradable formula dissolves oil, grease, sludge, and fuel and leaves bilge smelling fresh and clean Easy to use - Just pour in bilge (add water to bilge if necessary), run boat for approximately one hour and drain bilge. Bilge will be clean and..
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Brand: Starbrite Model: 92232
Regretfully we cannot ship this product outside the island of Ireland...
Ex Tax:€38.95
Brand: Starbrite Model: 89816GFAV1
Biodegradable formula cleans, shines and leaves a protective coating all in one step.    Available in 5 and 55 gallon drums :  Concentrated formula is phosphate free and low sudsing to help the environment. Add a few capfuls to a bucket of water and wash boat. Sa..
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Brand: Starbrite Model: 80416GF
Starbrite Concentrated Boat Wash 500mlConcentrated heavy duty formula. Powerful - 3 capfuls clean a 7m boat...
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Brand: Starbrite Model: 87308GF
The best way to produce a brilliant, protective shine and clarity to acrylic, polycarbonate and most other types of plastic surfaces. Ideal for protecting and preserving eisenglass enclosures on boats, as well as plexiglass or lexan windscreens, windows, tables and counter tops. Also ideal for use o..
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Brand: Starbrite Model: 87208GF
The fast and easy way to restore the shine and luster to plastic on the boat, the car and around the home. Removes scratches from eisen glass enclosures, plexiglass windscreens, lexan surfaces, spotlight lenses, navigation lights on the boat, as well as acrylic, polycarbonate and most other plastic ..
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Brand: Starbrite Model: 92832
Starbrite EZ On EZ Off Bottom Cleaner 32 oz.Quickly removes tough deposits and scum lines. Ideal for removing rust stains. Safe for use on fiberglass and painted surfaces.Regretfully, we are unable to supply liquid chemicals to customers outside the island of Ireland..
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Brand: Starbrite Model: 81732GF
Starbrite Instant Hull Cleaner 1000 mlInstant Hull Cleaner removes waterline and rust stains from all hull surfaces. Simple wipe on and rinse off formula makes cleaning your hull quick and easy. Contains no strong acids or harsh chemicals. Much safer to use and less aggressive to your hull than comp..
Ex Tax:€30.60
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