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Model: BPR1/K100-P
The Pod Fire BlanketRigid Case 'POD' Fire BlanketModel BPR1/K100-PContainer Height: 200mmContainer Width: 170mmContainer Depth: 30mm 'POD' 1.1m x 1.1m fire blanket is a durable single-piece moulded design with an opening at the base for the blanket to be pulled out of. The K100 cloth is a doubl..
Ex Tax:€18.85
Brand: Lalizas Model: 70448
LALIZAS Fire Blanket 100x100cm in a PVC case..
Ex Tax:€23.69
Model: SVB1/K100P
1.1M X 1.1M FIRE BLANKET IN SOFT CASE PRODUCT INFORMATIONThe soft case of this 1.1m x 1.1m fire blanket makes for a very straightforward and simple fire blanket design. The blanket is held in by a Velcro strap which releases when the blanket is pulled meaning it is very reliable and easy to operate...
Ex Tax:€19.99
Model: 704433,704443,704453,704463,400693
LALIZAS Dry Powder Fire extinguishers is a range of Marine multi-purpose dry powderfire extinguishers with pressure gauge suitable for suppression of fires caused by flammableliquids, gases, oils, ordinary solid combustibles and energized electrical equipment.1 and 2 kg LALIZAS Dry Powder Fire Extin..
Ex Tax:€14.84
Brand: Lalizas Model: 71686
Fireman Axe with Short Anti Slip Handle 1,2kgThis short fireman’s axe provides heavy duty chopping power to gain access to locked doors and hollow walls during an emergency.- High carbon steel blade- 9cm cutting edge- Overall length: 34cm- Weight: 1.2kgr- Pick spike for piercing and prying- Anti sli..
Ex Tax:€32.62
Brand: Lalizas Model: 71685
Fireman Axe with Long Wooden Handle 2,8kg- High carbon steel blade - 12cm cutting edge- Overall length: 90cm - Weight: 2.8kgr- Pick spike for piercing and prying- Wooden ash handle- Rubber protective blade cover..
Ex Tax:€44.77
Brand: Nuova Rade Model: 196675
Allows safe and protected storage of a fire extinguisher in the cockpit or dashboard. UV-resistant white ASA...
Ex Tax:€29.95
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