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Honda BF250 DUDU

Honda BF250 DUDU
Honda BF250 DUDU


A 250 horsepower, 4-stroke six-cylinder, 24 valve outboard engine with VTEC™

Ultra Long shaft: 30"

2.00 gear ratio

Electric start


V6 Power with VTEC Technology

The BF250 comes with our V6 engine coupled with Honda VTEC technology (Variable Valve Timing and Lift electronic Control), providing superb performance and fully optimised power delivery throughout the rev range.

Up, up and away

Honda BLAST™ hole shot technology with PGM-Fi electronic fuel injection delivers instant acceleration to get you up on to the plane as quickly as possible. It does this by using improved accurate ignition timing, which develops more torque at low rpm so you can rapidly reach cruising speed.

Charging ahead

The High Output alternator delivers a solid 90A, which will keep a battery with a 60A charging capacity in top condition; and it’ll keep all your on board electronic equipment powered up too.

Honda iST (Intelligent Shift & Throttle)

The BF250 is available with Honda’s exclusive iST Intelligent Shift & Throttle, giving effortless control of your outboard. It offers fine tuning of throttle settings at any speed, including a ‘slow’ mode for manoeuvring at low speed. Easy to install and simple to use, the iST provides complete control at your fingertips.

Plug and play

The engine is NMEA2000® compliant, which makes it compatible with all other compliant electronic devices – like navigation and fishfinder systems. Engine data like rpm, temperature and fuel consumption can be displayed through multi-functional gauges.

Cruise more, spend less

Our unique lean-burn control ECOmo system adjusts the fuel to air ratio depending on load and speed to improve your fuel consumption when cruising. When your boat is up on the plane and cruising you’ll be saving up to 20% of your fuel by making the mixture leaner – saving you money.

Engine protection and security

Honda outboard alert systems monitor critical engine functions including engine temperature, oil pressure, fuel injection and charging, and will alert the boat user to abnormal operating conditions.

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  • Brand: Honda
  • Model: BF250 DUDU
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