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Honda BF10 SHU

Honda BF10 SHU
Honda BF10 SHU


8hp – 4 stroke engine

2 cylinders – 222cm³

Short shaft: 433mm shaft

Options: Tiller handle, remote control, electric starter

From 42 kg


Easy starter
BF10 has a decompression system for easy starting. This makes the engine much easier to turn over with that initial pull if you have the manual recoil type, and less of a drain on your battery if you have an electric starter.

Easy Manual Tilt
The light engine is easy to tilt up in stages. Lifting up or down, enables you to manually trim the boat to give you maximum performance and fuel efficiency. It also stops you from damaging the propeller blades when you find yourself near rocks or the water’s edge.

Engine protection and security
An Honda outboard alert system monitors engine temperature and oil pressure to prevent form any damage (only available on remote control models).

Remote control
Engines are available with an ergonomic and responsive remote control.

Solid performance
The Honda Programmed Ignition (PGM-IG) accurately controls ignition timing to provide an optimum torque and throttle response.

Easy astern
In forward motion a propeller will drive normally through water, but in reverse it’s a different story – unless you have a Honda. On other outboards, the propeller will turn in exhaust bubbles and wont ‘hook up’ with the water. Our unique reverse exhaust relief system directs the exhaust bubbles away from the propeller, so that it can ‘grip’ the water – instead of air. The result is instant reverse response with much finer control.

Easy on your wrist
Both engines have a Forward Mount Shift Lever for fingertip gear changing. It’s so much easier to operate and better located than on other outboards, whether you’re left or right-handed. Together with a soft-grip throttle handle and a twist-lock, it’s effortless. You can just roll on and off the power all day long, or lock it off – just like cruise control.

High output charging
6A (Recoil models) outlets maintain battery charge and keep electronics powered, even at trolling speed.

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  • Model: BF10 SHU
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