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Honda BF2.3DH LCHU

Honda BF2.3DH LCHU
Honda BF2.3DH LCHU

BF2.3 Long Shaft (Overall height: 1100mm)      
(Transom height : 571mm)

Although Honda's 2.3hp long shaft compact BF2.3 LCHU packs enough punch to push a boat out to sea, its light enough to be carried back to the car. Thanks to its ergonomic, integrated carry handle, the Honda BF2.3 LCHU can be taken anywhere. Despite its size, Honda's BF2.3 LCHU boasts all the benefits of Honda's advanced 4-stroke technology, which is second to none.

Boaters can take advantage of higher engine displacement for more low and mid-range power. Even at low rpm, the Honda BF2.3 LCHU has solid and reliable torque to move heavier crafts than any other engine in its class.

For increased control and reduced steering effort, the Honda BF2.3 LCHU has a twist grip throttle which ensures superior throttle friction and enhances response and maneuverability. Just like the rest of Honda's outboard range, the BF2.3 LCHU is also extremely fuel efficient.

World-renowned Honda 4-stroke quality combines proven reliability and superior fuel efficiency, with no oil mixing.
Lightweight/compact design. Easy to transport and perfect for small tenders.
Twist grip throttle ensures precise throttle control, while the throttle tensioner minimises driver fatigue.
Air cooled technology eliminates water pump necessity and reduces maintenance costs.
Portability is optimised with a 1L intergral fuel tank.
360 degree rotation allows user to manoeuvre in tight spots with ease

Due to size and weight, we are unable to ship engines free of charge, freight charges apply and vary depending on engine size

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  • Brand: Honda
  • Model: BF2.3DH LCHU
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