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Honda BF4 SHNU

Honda BF4 SHNU
Honda BF4 SHNU

Honda BF4AH Standard Shaft

Lightweight and Compact
The BF4 and 5's lightweight, compact design makes them perfect for small tenders, sailboats, jon boats, and inflatables. Weighing in at only 60 pounds, these motors are easy to transport.

Easy to Start and Stop
You'll be impressed with how easy it is to start the BF4 and 5. The decompression mechanism opens the exhaust valve during the starting process. This reduces the amount of force needed to start the motor. Starting is easy, every time. The one-push stop switch makes it just as easy to shut off the motor. Pressing the stop button once safely shuts off the motor without it re-starting.

Large capacity internal fuel tank for best in class run time
The 1.5 L internal fuel tank provides enough fuel for over 40 minutes of wide open throttle operation. Need more run time? The BF5 offers an external fuel tank connection.

Quiet and Smooth - Low vibration for a comfortable ride.
Honda's exclusive design optimizes the isolation mounts to minimize the transfer of vibration to both the tiller handle and the transom. The custom rubber mounts absorb vibration, resulting in a motor with among the lowest handle vibration in its class.

Easy to carry and install
Enlarged carrying handles provides superior portability and ease of installation. The BF4 and 5 are also designed to make be easy to carry, either front and back or on each side.

Large Displacement Engine for more power
Water-cooled, single cylinder design for better low- to mid-range power.

Due to size and weight, we are unable to ship engines free of charge, freight charges apply and vary depending on engine size

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  • Brand: Honda
  • Model: BF4AH SHNU
  • Weight: 27.00kg
Ex Tax: €1,499.00
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