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First Aid Kit, Clayton Coastal

First Aid Kit, Clayton Coastal
First Aid Kit, Clayton Coastal

Coastal First Aid Kit Orange, Eurocase Mini with Bracket

Eurocase 1 - 26cm x 17cm x 9cm

Orange ABS plastic case - smart and strong
Complete with bulkhead mounting bracket
Orange case designed for good visibility of kit in low light levels, and incorporates a dust and damp proof seal around the lid
Numbered security seals provide evidence of tampering

1     first aid advice leaflet
1     conforming bandage - 5cm x 4m
1     conforming bandage - 7.5cm x 4m
2     sterile gauze swabs - 7.5 x 7.5cm (pack of 5)
1     micropore tape - 1.25cm x 5m
1     paraffin gauze dressing - 10 x 10cm
1     brass safety pins - pack of 6
1     scissors - s/steel 13cm
1     sterile dressing - 8.3 x 6cm
2     sterile medium wound dressing - 12 x 12cm
2     sterile large wound dressing - 18 x 18cm
1     sterile dressing pad - 10 x 10cm
2     sterile w/proof plasters - pack of 20 (2sizes)
2     sterile eye wash - 20ml
2     triangular bandage - calico
5     security seals
10    wipes - alcohol free

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