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NGKBR8HS-10 Suzuki/Yamaha/Tohatsu

NGKBR8HS-10 Suzuki/Yamaha/Tohatsu
NGKBR8HS-10 Suzuki/Yamaha/Tohatsu

NGK sparkplugs are suitable for the following engines..:

Suzuki DT100
Suzuki DT115S
Suzuki DT140 EFI
Suzuki DT150
Suzuki DT150 EFI
Suzuki DT150S EFI
Suzuki DT150SS
Suzuki DT175
Suzuki DT200 Carb.
Suzuki DT200 EFI
Suzuki DT200V Carb.
Suzuki DT225
Suzuki DT225 EFI
Suzuki DT40
Suzuki DT55
Suzuki DT65
Suzuki DT75
Suzuki DT85
Suzuki DT90
Suzuki PU140
Suzuki PU40
Suzuki PU55
Suzuki PU85
 Tohatsu M115A2
 Tohatsu M120A2
 Tohatsu M140A2
 Tohatsu M50D
 Tohatsu M50D2
 Tohatsu M60A
 Tohatsu M60C
 Tohatsu M70B
 Tohatsu M70C
 Tohatsu M90A
Yamaha 115TJR
Yamaha 115TLR
Yamaha 115TXR
Yamaha 200TJR
Yamaha 225L 20" Shaft Only
Yamaha 3-Cyl. 2-Stroke
Yamaha B115 Inshore
Yamaha C115
Yamaha C150
Yamaha C50
Yamaha D150
Yamaha I225
Yamaha L150
Yamaha L200
Yamaha L250
Yamaha LX200
Yamaha P115
Yamaha P150
Yamaha P175
Yamaha P200
Yamaha P50
Yamaha Pro 50
Yamaha S115
Yamaha S175
Yamaha S200
Yamaha S250
Yamaha SX200
Yamaha T175
Yamaha V175
Yamaha V200 V760 EFI
Yamaha V6
Yamaha V6 Special
Yamaha VX200
Yamaha VX200D

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