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Plastic Padding

Brand: Plastic Padding Model: 360328
Two-part, polyester paste suitable for filling and sealing large holes and cracks in hull materials such as glassfibre, steel aluminium and wood.If used below the waterline, it must be over-painted with Gelcoat Filler or painted. Features: Paint-compatible Sets in 10 min C..
Ex Tax:€24.95
Brand: Plastic Padding Model: 360646
Plastic Padding Chemical Metal - Two-part, polyester based general purpose product Two-part, polyester based general purpose product. Allows fast and easy repairs on cars, in the house, hobby etc. Suitable for filling and trowelling flaws and cracks, for joining dissimilar materials and fo..
Ex Tax:€11.95
Brand: Plastic Padding Model: 360678
Marine Epoxy 270g Plastic Padding2 x Tins Plastic PaddingPlastic Padding Marine Epoxy is a fast setting epoxy filler for repairing osmosis damage, filling holes and scratches above or below the waterline. It seals and joins GRP, wood, steel, alloy, iron and ferro-cement. Gives a hard resilient wa..
Ex Tax:€18.95
Brand: Plastic Padding Model: 1334681
Plastic Padding Leak Fix - Seals and repairs leaks in radiators and sumps Features: Sets in minutes Resistant to petrol, diesel, oil, water, high temperatures and most common chemicals Product Base: Polyester Application: Room temperature..
Ex Tax:€5.50
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