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What we think

The whole idea behind this is that we give you our honest opinion regarding the relevant product, based on our extensive knowledge of the business and, of course, the product itself.

These "opinions" are largely those of Brian O'Sullivan, our chief buyer, who has been in this business all his adult life and longer!! Brian grew up in the business, which his father started in 1963, spending a lot of time after school and at weekends working in the business as a school kid, particularly when it came to Boat Show time, when the pressure was on to get there on time with very presentable product.

Brian has extensive knowledge not only of the business but, also, of the practical use of so many different types of boats. He grew up in dinghies, motor boats and, indeed, sailing boats. He runs a sea angling business from Fenit Marina, has been a member of the local lifeboat since it returned to the local port about 20 years ago and campaigns his sailing boat, Amazing Grace, to considerable success, particularly in offshore racing, along with some experience in coastal rowing. Having tried everything from angling to waterskiing to the rescue services, and "around the cans", offshore racing and rowing are by far his personal favourites.

He gives his personal opinion on the products we sell.......

O'Sullivans Marine Boats

We just build them too well!! I still see boats that we built in the 70's on the water and going very well. I do not know how many customers have come back to us and say that they started their boating in an O'Sullivans Marine boat and they still have it.

Our boats are very well built and there are no compromises in quality nor in the quantity of raw materials used, having kept the same specifications for each model from the outset, when others have cut back to save on costs. All our boats meet modern standards and carry the CE mark, assuring customers of a seaworthy craft without compromise.

Linder Aluminium Boats:

We commenced dealing with Linder Aluminium Boats in 1996, after a visit to the factory in Sweden, I knew we were on the right track. This is a family run business which has grown extensively over the past two decades, now with the next generation at the helm. The quality of materials and build, along with extensive research and testing before going on the market, is second to none. These aluminium boats are moulded into shape, and joined only at the keel which is then fully bonded and sealed with a very strong keel and, which is really the backbone of the boat. Most boat owners associate pop rivets vibrating loose over time with other aluminium boats, but not so with Linder, given their clever designs and attention to detail. Having looked at aluminium boats for well over 20 years, I can safely say that these are the best on the market still and look likely to stay at the top for a long time to come. Great value for money - you will buy cheaper boats but you will live to regret it - these are excellent quality and built to last.....

Tohatsu Outboard Motors:

Did you know these are the oldest manufacturer of outboard motors in Japan and outside of water pumps, this is all they build? In fact, they build outboards for Nissan, Mercury and Mariner to name but a few. The name, Tohatsu, is not as well known as other brands who have greater exposure in cars, motorbikes, musical instruments, etc but I can tell you that since we commenced dealing with Tohatsu outboard motors in 1975, we quickly realised we have a brilliant brand on our hands. Tohatsu are marketshare leaders in the Far east and in most commercial markets. Presently, with a 5 year conditional warranty, you cannot go wrong with an outboard from Tohatsu.

Hidea Outboard Motors:

Like in most engineering/manufacturing fields, the Chinese are quickly catching up with the rest of the world. Having looked around the market place for the past number of years, we opted for Hidea outboards, given the fact that the parent company is huge and is investing millions of dollars in their product, we felt Hidea would be a good brand. Our experience has been mixed, and I must say, the smaller horse power engines are excellent value for money but I am not convinced that the mid range (25hp upwards) are of the quality required just yet. The smallest outboards from 2.5hp to 15hp are exceptional value for money, being anything up to 40% less expensive than most of the more recognised brands. I have no doubt this is a name that we will be hearing more and more about and will gain market share throughout the world.

Gemini Ribs:

What a great brand! Built in South Africa for South Africa sea conditions, these are well designed and built. We only import the hypalon tubed boats, as we feel the higher quality tubes are justified with this brand, which will last much longer than most of the others on the market these days! If buying a rib, make sure you go for a rib with hypalon tubes, and not pvc, which has a much shorter lifespan. There are many console and seating configurations available, therefore we can "customise" each model for a customer's specific requirements. I owned one for a few years and thought it was an excellent craft.

Brenderup Trailers:

These are the largest manufacturers of boat trailers, and indeed, commercial trailers - which we, also, have in stock! - in Europe. With a 5 year conditional warranty, these are probably the best quality mass produced trailers in the world at very, very reasonable prices. All available fully fitted out with winch and strap, jockey wheel, brakes where appropriate (over 750kg carrying capacity) and metal framed, properly fitted (and easily removed) trailer lighting board. We can even organise your car registration plate number to be fitted. Believe it or not, but there is a huge and pleasant difference in towing between a Brenderup trailer than most of the others that I have towed since I was a lad of 17 years. These trailers just have it all and remain very competitively priced.

Garmin Marine Electronics:

Really not much to say here but that this range of product continuously amazes me. The improvements that have evolved in marine electronics have been astounding and this is led by a number of companies, not least of which is Garmin Marine. The quality is exceptional and the prices are very, very keen. With a 3 year warranty, we have been dealing with Garmin for more than 10 years, and from memory, in that timeframe, have received a total of 3 complaints which were resolved practically immediately. Simply, a brilliant brand. One cannot go wrong with a Garmin....


We came across this company at an exhibition in Europe about 15 years ago, specialising in electric bilge pumps and wiper motors, etc. We purchased some product just to see if the quality was right, and tested them over time. Suffice it to say, we are still buying from them, with the next consignment due this month, in fact. My personal opinion is that these pumps and, indeed wiper motors, are of the highest quality and these are what I would fit to my own boats, without hesitation. Almost half the price of other well known pumps, and of a higher quality - no more needs to be said!! Check them out for yourself, you will not go wrong.....


We all know who the market leaders in anodes are, but do you know who offers the best value for money in a product that is supposed to sacrifice itself over a relatively short period of time - the good news is that we do. Check out our prices and, indeed, quality. We think we have the best value on the market today. Let us know if you can source less expensive anodes of the same quality?


Unquestionably, the market leader in marine navigation equipment, with an astonishing array of product for motor or sailing boat, aimed primarily at the recreational market. From autopilots to AIS, from depth sounders to chart plotters, VHFs, radar, gps, Raymarine have it all covered. Being the preferred brand by most boat builders, these have been the industry standard for years. See the latest fish finders and chart plotters now in stock, and on special offer at the moment! Simply, yet another great brand!