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OSM 535 18' Sheelin (All Fiberglass)

OSM 535 18' Sheelin (All Fiberglass)
OSM 535 18' Sheelin (All Fiberglass)
OSM 535 18' Sheelin (All Fiberglass)
OSM 535 18' Sheelin (All Fiberglass)
OSM 535 18' Sheelin (All Fiberglass)
OSM 535 18' Sheelin (All Fiberglass)
OSM 535 18' Sheelin (All Fiberglass)

Described as “the best fibreglass lakeboat”, the 18’ Sheelin has consistently been one of our best sellers over the whole OSM boat range.

Designed by a lake fisherman for lakefishermen, this unbelievably balanced lake boat has exceptional drifting performance.

With acres of room for up to three anglers casting, this makes it an ideal boat for fly fishing. And it’s no wonder…..
Just take a look at how we built balance and stability into this majestic lake boat….

    CE approved. The 18’ Sheelin meets ISO/DIS12217-3 CE standard and has achieved Category C status. She sailed through the rigorous tests involved in achieving this standard.
    Additional ballast built into the keel to maintain a low centre of gravity at all times. Thus giving exceptional balance.
    Strategically designed buoyancy tanks at the bow and stern rendering the boat practically unsinkable!!!!
    Solid teak deep keel and side keels to further increase stability.
    Galvanised keel band to provide protection in shallow waters.
    Additional buoyancy added beneath each of the seats to help keep the boat afloat even when full to the gunwhales.
    18ft hull provides plenty of room and comfort for any fishing party.
    Narrow beam means everyone can fish on the same side of the boat, without affecting the balance and stability of the boat.
    All fittings are of top marine grade quality.
    Hull design provides for a very quiet boat, thus allowing fish closer to the boat.
    Practically maintenance free.
    Flared bow that gives a dry ride while adding to the majestic outline of this beautiful boat.

So if you’re after an affordable boat that’s exceptionally well finished, as well as such strength and safety features, then you’ll get it all and a lot more in the 18’ Sheelin.

Virtually Unsinkable

This item is available to purchase & collect ex works or alternatively can be shipped to you via specialist courier. Please contact us via email for a shipping quote.​

  • Stock: In Stock
  • Brand: OSullivans Marine
  • Model: OSM 535 18' Sheelin
  • Weight: 216.00kg
  • Dimensions: 544.00cm x 158.00cm x 0.00cm
Ex Tax: €4,265.00
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